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A visit to Pissouri

So far Pissouri has got to be one of my favourite places to visit in Cyprus. It’s colourful, picturesque and brimming with character. The bright flowers that surround the area give it a whimsical, romantic that make you feel like you’re on the set of a film! The little narrow streets of the nearby village were filled with laid-back locals watching the world go by. We stopped off at the Columbia Beach Resort for an afternoon of rest and relaxation, and discovered a tiny little chapel which was simply stunning inside. It looks so traditional from the outside, but when you enter, you witness an amazing little chapel with incredible, awe-inspiring artwork like I have never seen before. It’s bright, colourful and simply magical. A visit to Pissouri is a definite must!


A return to the blogging world


Following my withdrawn departure from the blogging world, I have decided to make a comeback to keep people posted about a few goings on out here in Cyprus, every now and then.

Although they might not be as regular as they were, I will still be dutifully keeping my fellow readers posted about life out here in Cyprus – as it is only right and fair. To start the month off, here is a small collection of images that I have compiled over the past few months. There is plenty happening out here in Cyprus at the moment, and, with a sharp eye and a little creativity, it is easy to while away your time doing something that you love.

Village life

Grazing goats

Various findings from the village

Traditional Cypriot wedding

Cats chilling out

Bright skies and desolate lands

Waterfalls in the mountains

Here’s to a good month ahead. Happy May!

Currently Loving

The sun has finally emerged after a week of dull and miserable weather (which, I would like to highlight, I will always relish). Although I do not advocate the warmer temperatures, the current weather is wonderful and this really is a great time to get out there and see what the rest of the world is up to (well, the rest of Cyprus of course).

Here are some things I’m currently inspired by:

A thousand reasons to be grateful

The admirable number or people who are fasting for Lent, and a reminder of why we must be grateful for everything that we have.

Cloudy, overcast skies:

The perfect day for flying kites

Cloudy days have been abundant recently, which made for perfect kite-flying weather last weekend. I will be sure to go again next weekend if this sort of weather remains!


Pots, urns and ceramics galore

My latest obsession with pottery has yet to get the better of me but if I’m not careful it could get out of control. I am currently cultivating an interest in ceramics and am desperate for a massive urn for our back garden, which seem to be incredibly expensive (not sure where we’ll put it either). Until then, I will stick with the gorgeous, medium-sized pot that I found at a street-side ceramics store, which gives a traditional feel to my more contemporary home.

Beautiful ceramics

The gradual transition into spring:

Chickens grazing on a local farm

Cactuses on sale at a local flower centre

Ice cream along the beach

It’s fantastic to see people out and about at this time of year, whiling away their days as they wish. I only wish I had more time to soak up the atmosphere for that little bit longer, but the weekend’s are just too short! Until next time followers!

In the Spirit of Lent

A three-day weekend…

Cyprus is prone to extended weekends. Whether we are celebrating ‘Independence Day’ or national Eat Fish day, I always relish these special occasions, and take the time to observe the behaviour of others as they celebrate amongst one another (as well as enjoying more time away from work!)

These are always enjoyable times and everyone is in good spirits, especially at this time of year, when everyone is celebrating the beginning of Lent and of course, carnival season.

The custom of carnival season dates back to Ancient Greece, when the Greeks got dressed up in costumes and masks to enjoy fun feasts, in honour of the god Dionissos. Over time, these customs and celebrations have really come into their own in Cyprus, but are especially prominent within Limassol, where they are known to continue for up to ten days.

This weekend we took a walk through town to see what all the fuss was about, and found that pretty much everyone was in the spirit of the season, dressing up the streets, the shops and of course, themselves, to honour this special occasion.

A shop worker dressed in carnival attire

The weather was glorious and it was great to see the coffee shops brimming with people socialising, gossiping and soaking up the sunshine.

Of course, we couldn’t take this walk through town without witnessing an obligatory car accident (pictured below), but this is just standard car chaos that is to be expected at such an exciting and eventful time of year (again, take note, this is nothing out of the ordinary).

Car collision chaos - the usual story

For those of you who need a taxi, there is no end of high-profile taxi ranks available to the tired pedestrian, some of them even providing a state-of-the-art seating area to rest your weary feet while waiting for the next available taxi.

A contemporary taxi rank

I hope you are enjoying your weekends as much as I am. Stay posted for more eventful shenanigans from this little Cypriot island.

Images from Cyprus

As February draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to round up the month with a series of images from winter so far. As spring is only around the corner, I think it’s important that we recognise Cyprus as being a wonderful place to be during the short winter months (and there certainly are a limited number of them). Cyprus is a fantastic place to be at this time of the year. Everything is plush and green, the sun is shining for the majority of the time and the weather is usually hospitable enough to allow for outdoor activities. With a little imagination you can while away your time enjoyably, without the fear of breaking into a sweat on a regular basis… Hope you enjoy these pics.

A popular site for nesting turtles

Hope you enjoyed February as much as I did. Here’s to a great month ahead!