How to get a good night’s zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep – from greater alertness to looking and feeling more bright eyed and busy tailed. But we also know how difficult it is to drag yourself through the day on a bad night’s sleep, and often how it shifts our perception of the day ahead.

Sometimes it’s through no fault of our own. Noise from outside, warmer temperatures inside (especially as it starts to get warmer), but often it’s due to other factors, such as stress and worry, and there are many techniques we can employ to promote more of the zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s:

-Don’t eat anything after 9pm. It’s heavy on our system and is more likely to keep you awake at night from discomfort.

-Set your body into wind-down mode at least 1 hour before bedtime (that means no stimulating TV or Internet to activate the mind). Instead, opt for a good book, a light read of your favourite magazine, or a soak in the bath.

-Exercise: Best done no less than 3 hours before bed. This is a fantastic way to release energy, let blood flow through your body and relieve stress.

-Drink plenty of water before 9pm. This flushes out toxins and refreshes the skin.

-Finally, switch off! Try not to think about anything – leave your day behind you. Tomorrow is a new day. Begin it feeling refreshed and positive, ready for the day that lies ahead of you.


All cats weird and wonderful

You wouldn’t expect Cyprus to be an island of cat lovers, considering the overwhelming number of strays around here, but you’d be surprised at how many people in Cyprus are actually very passionate about this famous feline.

This year the Cyprus cat show celebrated all cats weird and wonderful. From the strangely sweet hairless Sphynx (looks a bit like a naked baby) made famous by Mr Bigglesworth in the film Austin Powers; to the distinctively adorable, velvet-to-the-touch British cat, with its thick, luxurious coat and giant eyes. It was great to see people from all walks of life pampering their pets and hoping to win their cat a rosette or award.

The judges took their work very seriously and assessed the cats based on a number of criteria. Most of the cats were extremely patient, calmly waiting their turn to be judged (although the odd few extracted their claws and teeth during their assessment). I’m not sure how our cat Lucy would have responded to such an analysis, but I am pretty sure that, had we entered her, she would have been in with a good chance of winning an award or two 🙂

Here’s one I made earlier

Whilst I love a good shopping-spree at my favourite clothes shops, in recent months, I have found myself more interested in home interiors, automatically heading to the ‘Home’ section of a shop, instead of browsing through the clothes – which certainly took me by surprise initially. I do believe, however, that the best inspiration always comes from the most unexpected places.

My obsession with bunting definitely didn’t stem from Royal Wedding fever, although it did induce a further infatuation with the stuff. After doing a little research into different colours, style and shapes, I decided to attempt to make my own.

Although I was obviously inspired by The Wedding, I chose to steer clear of the traditional flag-shaped design, instead opting for wistful heart shapes finished with diamanté detailing. I must say I am very proud of the final outcome, and always believe it’s the little details around the house, which turn it into a home.


A seasonal transition

As I have probably already mentioned, I am definitely a Winter girl. From the cosy feeling of wrapping up warm to the comfort of a cup of hot chocolate, you can’t beat it.

Which is why I would usually be dreading the long, hot, impending summer ahead. Not only does it relentlessly drag into October – even November, but during the thick of it you are forced to seek shelter in the shade or under the cool of the air-con, making it near enough impossible to get anything done. To make matters worse, the humidity quadruples the size of my hair and I feel as if I am carrying a Russian hat on the top of my head with me, wherever I may go.

Which makes me grateful that the summer is making a delayed entrance this year. The gradual transition has made me feel more prepared for the Summer ahead, and also more excited. Spring has spoilt us with showers, wonderful cool breezes and even some thunder and lightening. The mornings are perfect for sitting in the peace and quiet of our garden with a cup of coffee and a magazine*. And the idea of spending the upcoming summer relaxing by the beach basking under the sun, is enough to make anyone feel happy, content and stress-free.

* Definitely not applicable today.

All things bright and delicious

Traditionally, when out shopping, I am attracted towards darker colours, such as reds, navy blues and purples. Recently, however, I have been charmed by closer-to-nature (and very current) colours, such as mustard, coral and peach. Although I adore this season’s colour-blocking trend, I wish I had the guts (and the money) to mix brights with more brights, all the way from shoes to accessories. That being said, as summer approaches, my wardrobe is definitely looking much more colourful than usual, and I am certainly looking forward to embracing this season’s colour-popping trend, with a splash of colour and a complementary accessory.

Places to find affordable brights in Cyprus:

Pull & Bear offers a great selection of colours, prints and textures, all for very reasonable prices.

From cute to classy there is something for everyone in Stradivarius. The tidy layout also makes browsing much more straightforward.

Bershka is channeling the colour-blocking trend with a vengeance, from gym clothes to high heels all with an electro-feel; enter with your shades on!

A return to the blogging world


Following my withdrawn departure from the blogging world, I have decided to make a comeback to keep people posted about a few goings on out here in Cyprus, every now and then.

Although they might not be as regular as they were, I will still be dutifully keeping my fellow readers posted about life out here in Cyprus – as it is only right and fair. To start the month off, here is a small collection of images that I have compiled over the past few months. There is plenty happening out here in Cyprus at the moment, and, with a sharp eye and a little creativity, it is easy to while away your time doing something that you love.

Village life

Grazing goats

Various findings from the village

Traditional Cypriot wedding

Cats chilling out

Bright skies and desolate lands

Waterfalls in the mountains

Here’s to a good month ahead. Happy May!

A Temporary Goodbye

As I depart this little island of madness for more sophisticated climbs, I will leave you with some tunes that represent my current mood of the moment. Obviously I won’t be updating from dear old Blighty, so I hope this gives you a chance to catch up on reading those posts that you haven’t touched upon yet (if any), and of course, stay poised for future posts.

See you on the other side!

Here are some tunes that I am currently loving:

The Clash; Should I stay or Should I go

Eagle Eye Cherry; Save Tonight

King’s of Leon; Pyro

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s; Turn Into

Beatles; Hello Goodbye

Joss Stone; Arms of my Baby.