All cats weird and wonderful

You wouldn’t expect Cyprus to be an island of cat lovers, considering the overwhelming number of strays around here, but you’d be surprised at how many people in Cyprus are actually very passionate about this famous feline.

This year the Cyprus cat show celebrated all cats weird and wonderful. From the strangely sweet hairless Sphynx (looks a bit like a naked baby) made famous by Mr Bigglesworth in the film Austin Powers; to the distinctively adorable, velvet-to-the-touch British cat, with its thick, luxurious coat and giant eyes. It was great to see people from all walks of life pampering their pets and hoping to win their cat a rosette or award.

The judges took their work very seriously and assessed the cats based on a number of criteria. Most of the cats were extremely patient, calmly waiting their turn to be judged (although the odd few extracted their claws and teeth during their assessment). I’m not sure how our cat Lucy would have responded to such an analysis, but I am pretty sure that, had we entered her, she would have been in with a good chance of winning an award or two 🙂


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