All things bright and delicious

Traditionally, when out shopping, I am attracted towards darker colours, such as reds, navy blues and purples. Recently, however, I have been charmed by closer-to-nature (and very current) colours, such as mustard, coral and peach. Although I adore this season’s colour-blocking trend, I wish I had the guts (and the money) to mix brights with more brights, all the way from shoes to accessories. That being said, as summer approaches, my wardrobe is definitely looking much more colourful than usual, and I am certainly looking forward to embracing this season’s colour-popping trend, with a splash of colour and a complementary accessory.

Places to find affordable brights in Cyprus:

Pull & Bear offers a great selection of colours, prints and textures, all for very reasonable prices.

From cute to classy there is something for everyone in Stradivarius. The tidy layout also makes browsing much more straightforward.

Bershka is channeling the colour-blocking trend with a vengeance, from gym clothes to high heels all with an electro-feel; enter with your shades on!


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