Maria’s Animal Sanctuary

My lifelong dream has always been to open up my own animal sanctuary or animal-friendly zoo, and doing so here in Cyprus would be the perfect opportunity to promote awareness of animals and teach people a thing or two about compassion towards these innocent creatures. That way, I would also avoiding the persistent confines of the office, whilst doing something rewarding and meaningful with my day-to-day life.

Naturally, the foundations of this dream zoo would include the following animals:

Muffin and Fluffy, with their 2-storey mansion on wheels:

The four new additions to our family, Carlos, Mumble, Gloria and Betty, who, at just 2 weeks old, seem to have been successfully brought into the world by their mother, Muffin (fingers crossed still!):

Lucy Junior, also known as Mango, who has just been neutered to stop her from falling pregnant and might have to wear one of those cones on her head as she seems to be messing around with the stitches at the moment…

Then of course there’s the animals that have come and gone throughout the past year, who undoubtedly have already been mentioned in my blog, and would no doubt be a part of this zoo, including Carlos, Betty and the bunnies that didn’t make it last time (rest assured they are hopping around in rabbit heaven with Popcorn, Jerry and Rupert)!

Ultimately, this dream zoo won’t be opening for a while, unless I miraculously win the lottery or suddenly have a dramatic change of career. Until then, I can only hope that some worldly saint  decides to fix the state of affairs that are currently unfolding throughout Cyprus (and hire me as their assistant), to help all the stray cats, dogs and other animals out there, who need our love and support.

Until next time, anmials lovers and haters!


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