Currently Loving

The sun has finally emerged after a week of dull and miserable weather (which, I would like to highlight, I will always relish). Although I do not advocate the warmer temperatures, the current weather is wonderful and this really is a great time to get out there and see what the rest of the world is up to (well, the rest of Cyprus of course).

Here are some things I’m currently inspired by:

A thousand reasons to be grateful

The admirable number or people who are fasting for Lent, and a reminder of why we must be grateful for everything that we have.

Cloudy, overcast skies:

The perfect day for flying kites

Cloudy days have been abundant recently, which made for perfect kite-flying weather last weekend. I will be sure to go again next weekend if this sort of weather remains!


Pots, urns and ceramics galore

My latest obsession with pottery has yet to get the better of me but if I’m not careful it could get out of control. I am currently cultivating an interest in ceramics and am desperate for a massive urn for our back garden, which seem to be incredibly expensive (not sure where we’ll put it either). Until then, I will stick with the gorgeous, medium-sized pot that I found at a street-side ceramics store, which gives a traditional feel to my more contemporary home.

Beautiful ceramics

The gradual transition into spring:

Chickens grazing on a local farm

Cactuses on sale at a local flower centre

Ice cream along the beach

It’s fantastic to see people out and about at this time of year, whiling away their days as they wish. I only wish I had more time to soak up the atmosphere for that little bit longer, but the weekend’s are just too short! Until next time followers!


2 responses to “Currently Loving

  1. I always forget how everything is relative. Did you say cloudy skies? You must be in the southwest because that overcast kite flying weather looks absolutely brilliant. Blue and clear. In Detroit, it has finally become warm enough for the snow to turn into rain. I literally haven’t seen the sun in two weeks. The sky just becomes light gray and then turns black. Sometimes in the early afternoon or late morning it gets purple or orange but you still can’t see through the clouds.

    Then again, I remember when I spent a few months in San Diego I remember it having a single hazy hour in the morning and then sun all day. There is a video of me somewhere saying “Does it ever rain here? It just seems sketchy that it never gets overcast.”

  2. Regardless of the weather, keep enjoying those days!

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