Attributes I do not appreciate

I have been living in Cyprus now for exactly one year and although I love this little island with all its quirks and peculiarities, there are some habits that I have always loathed, and that seem to be somewhat more common in this part of the Mediterranean. Here are a few that I witness on a regular basis:

Coughing without covering your mouth

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a light or a heavy cough; it’s rude, it’s disgusting and it’s unhygienic. Please cover your mouth. This also applies to sneezing, naturally.

Picking your nose when in public

This is a revolting habit and shouldn’t have to be witnessed by an innocent onlooker. Whether you are in your car, crossing the road or browsing through the supermarket, please do refrain from cultivating such disgusting habits in public.

Driving really slowly in the fast lane whilst talking on your phone and/or smoking a cigarette

The entire issue of driving etiquette out here could encompass an entire post (if not more), but it’s something that’s been written about on countless occasions and I very much doubt that anything will ever be done – so I won’t even go there. From screaming children on the laps of drivers (who, of course, are talking on their mobiles), to a complete lack of awareness for where the indicators are and what their role is, the list of incompetencies in drivers out here is immeasurable, juvenile and incredibly dangerous. Even a short drive down the highway could result in a major accident, and I personally believe that the government need to take serious action to limit the number of deaths on the road every year. There are so many life-saving measures that could be put into practice to eliminate these daunting statistics, but until then, I am fairly certain that the above practices, and others like it, will continue.

Lack of respect when entering a shop

Either you are ignored entirely or followed around at a one metre distance until you get so frustrated that you turn around and head straight for the door, without purchasing a thing.

-Inability to queue

This habit is extremely irritating and doesn’t help when you’re in a rush to get out of there. I am also the type of person who doesn’t like my personal space to be invaded, so can’t stand it when people get too close to me in the queue. Personally, the worst part for me is trying to type in your pin number before the person behind has stood so close to the machine that you might as well be whispering your pin in their ear. This I do not appreciate.

I’m not saying that the above habits are unconditional throughout Cyprus, but they are fairly common and do very little to reassure us that this island isn’t inhabited by a bunch of Neanderthals. Oh and I’m pretty certain I’m not alone when I highlight these matters…


Opening hours of our local postoffice... (yes, this really is 2 hours per day)


2 responses to “Attributes I do not appreciate

  1. Pamela Frangou

    Maria, you couldn’t have said it better! Cypriots believe they own the road and share no compassion for their fellow drivers, most of the time.

  2. Pamela Frangou

    Oh and the shop comment too, don’t they get it? And what’s worse is when they pick their nose in restaurants, yes the waiters. God knows what goes on in the kitchen! I always say, if I stop to think I would never eat out.

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