Hospitality Mentality

Cyprus food is so delicious; especially when the vegetables and other ingredients are freshly picked and indigenous to Cyprus. For example, the lemons are so juicy and full of flavour – an entire lemon can make such a difference to the final flavour of a soup. I also love to squeeze a lemon over salad – it gives it such a mouth-watering flavour and certainly inspires a second round. The fruit available throughout Cyprus is also abundant. Pomegranates, strawberries, apples and passion fruit are just some of the many fruits available to pick, clean and freshly eat.

Coupled with the hospitality of the Cypriots, to sit down to a freshly made meal from a Cypriot kitchen really is something else. The fusion of smells and flavours really make your mouth water and the variety of dishes at a given meal are colourful, diverse and abundant. Other than that, the combination of good food and fine wine make for an entertaining afternoon filled with conversation, laughter and love.

Fortunately for me, I’m not a big fan of the modern-traditional delights that Cyprus has to offer (and that usually follow after a big meal), including the cream-filled cakes and pastries. Believe me out here this is a massive bonus, so I get off lightly during the various annual celebrations including birthdays, name days, national holidays or just a simple sit-down meal. Whether it’s a big, cream-filled cake topped with more cream, or little pastries crammed with various ingredients including cheese, spinach or jams, these are a regular haunt of Cypriot events and occasions and are difficult to avoid, so if you are keeping an eye on your waistline, I would certainly recommend to steer clear of the above.

Baking out here isn’t exactly commonplace (certainly compared with when I was living in England). The abundance of bakeries and patisseries is countless and the cakes and pastries that they have on offer are also limitless. Still there is nothing quite like whiling away your time in the kitchen, filling it with sweet aromas and mouth-watering treats. The pleasure is in the process as well as the result (provided, of course, that the result is a success!) I gain so much more from baking my own cakes than driving to the bakery for a treat, despite losing a couple of hours of browsing time on ASOS (or rather, despite gaining a couple of extra hours cleaning up the kitchen).

Finally, for those of you who are fasting for Easter, good luck with avoiding all of the above, especially out here, when the temptations seem so much more abundant.

The results of a devoured meal


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