In the Spirit of Lent

A three-day weekend…

Cyprus is prone to extended weekends. Whether we are celebrating ‘Independence Day’ or national Eat Fish day, I always relish these special occasions, and take the time to observe the behaviour of others as they celebrate amongst one another (as well as enjoying more time away from work!)

These are always enjoyable times and everyone is in good spirits, especially at this time of year, when everyone is celebrating the beginning of Lent and of course, carnival season.

The custom of carnival season dates back to Ancient Greece, when the Greeks got dressed up in costumes and masks to enjoy fun feasts, in honour of the god Dionissos. Over time, these customs and celebrations have really come into their own in Cyprus, but are especially prominent within Limassol, where they are known to continue for up to ten days.

This weekend we took a walk through town to see what all the fuss was about, and found that pretty much everyone was in the spirit of the season, dressing up the streets, the shops and of course, themselves, to honour this special occasion.

A shop worker dressed in carnival attire

The weather was glorious and it was great to see the coffee shops brimming with people socialising, gossiping and soaking up the sunshine.

Of course, we couldn’t take this walk through town without witnessing an obligatory car accident (pictured below), but this is just standard car chaos that is to be expected at such an exciting and eventful time of year (again, take note, this is nothing out of the ordinary).

Car collision chaos - the usual story

For those of you who need a taxi, there is no end of high-profile taxi ranks available to the tired pedestrian, some of them even providing a state-of-the-art seating area to rest your weary feet while waiting for the next available taxi.

A contemporary taxi rank

I hope you are enjoying your weekends as much as I am. Stay posted for more eventful shenanigans from this little Cypriot island.


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