Winter lovin’

I love winter.

Even when I lived in England, I always enjoyed a cozy night in, wrapped underneath a blanket watching a DVD with a huge bowl of popcorn.

It may be stereotypical of the life of a spinster (I’m definitely not), but there’s really nothing quite like it, and the opportunity to carry out this ritual in true winter style is only really doable for about three – maybe four months of the year out here.  The overcast skies and the rainy evenings make for the perfect opportunity for some self-indulgent chillaxing.

Whether or not it’s because I was born and raised in England (and therefore used to a real winter), I’m not sure, but I still love it no doubt, and am already starting to feel anxious about the imminent summer ahead.

To get dressed up during winter is also so much more enjoyable. The variety of rich shades and the opportunity to layer up, colour block and accessorise is so much more achievable in a cooler climate. The joy of wearing boots with tights or jeans is indescribable, and I do not have to experience that conscientious feeling of flashing too much flesh or parading my legs around the office. Bliss.

Although the winter out here isn’t exactly typical of the harsh, bitter winters that the UK is so renowned for, it’s still ‘winter’, and I love it. Nevertheless having said all of this, I still remember those incredibly bitter nights in England coming home from work, desperately rifling through my handbag for my car keys with my frozen, quivering fingers, shaking uncontrollably from the freezing temperatures. This, I do not miss.

Sadly, spring is pretty much here already, and although I’m grateful that the long, hot, sticky summer months are still lingering in the distance, I’m still basking in the glory of the winter sun, and making the most of the cooler temperatures.

Clearly, summer out here is going to take some getting used to, but in the meantime, I’m relishing the cooler months, and hoping that they make a very gradual departure into spring.


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