Brandon Flowers; Flamingo

Although the link here with Cyprus is somewhat tenuous (absent some might say), I felt it important nevertheless to describe a little about one of my favourite artists, as music plays such a significant role in my day to day life. I am also finding it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with the latest releases out here, especially those from the UK, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Although it strikes a similar chord with the Killers’ anthemic energy, Brandon Flowers’ first solo album, Flamingo*, is a more laid-back version of the Killers’ more heavy alternative style. While the rest of the band took a break from making music, Brandon Flowers has successfully produced a critically acclaimed album – despite warning from his record company that the album would not work. He followed his intuition and defied all negativity, to produce an album that would mirror the success of the Killers and gain the Number 1 spot in the UK charts, as well as being certified Gold.

Flowers’ effortlessly cool voice flows from song to song; the album is addictive and there isn’t a song you’ll want to skip. His perception of Las Vegas is both revelatory and heartwarming, as Flowers maps out the city where he grew up with lucidity and integrity. Although at times he may defend Vegas, he also confronts it, depicting this fascinating city for what it really is. Nevertheless, intertwined throughout all of this is a sense of fun, which I believe is what makes this album accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

My passion for music is relatively broad and I will always hold a special place in my heart for the inspirational music that the Killers have created. Nevertheless, I take my hat off to Flowers for producing this incredible and addictive album. It is definitely one of the best albums I bought in 2010.

*Flamingo was recommended to me by my dad, who has introduced me to a lot of excellent music over the years. Thanks Dad!





A collection of images from some of my all time favourite artists

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