Beautiful Betty

As I am sure has been made pretty clear by now, I am hugely compassionate towards animals and would give almost anything to ensure that all the animals of the world are in good care (please note that currently, this doesn’t mean that I am willing to adopt any more animals). That being said, when we first bought Betty, I never imagined in a million years that she would bring us the joy and happiness that she did, in the short space of time that she was with us.

We bought Betty early last year, in a bid to rescue yet another poorly-treated bunny from the rough hands of a Cypriot owner. As a baby, Betty was adorable, gentle and timid. She would relax in front of the TV and loved plenty of attention, but before long, Betty became a bit wild and difficult to physically handle.

Thankfully, once we’d moved into our own place with plenty of outdoor space, we were able to leave Betty to roam freely around the garden area, eating the leaves of our plants and occasionally hopping to the patio doors to check up on us. Betty was wild and independent, but she was also the sort to enjoy some attention, and she absolutely loved very bizarre foods such as chicken, chocolate and sweets.

Upon a visit from my granddad (an expert in the likes of rabbits, hares and other wild animals), we were dutifully informed that Betty was in fact a boy. This wasn’t news that I took to with pleasure and despite the fact that Betty turned out to be a boy, we still kept his original name during the short time that he was with us.

As I already mentioned, Betty was fiercely independent, and sadly one day, he departed from the confines of our garden and escaped into the wilderness of the unknown. I was absolutely devastated at losing such an adorable creature, and have never seen a rabbit more beautiful and child-like than Betty. I have also never seen a rabbit get so much love and attention from people; even non-animal lovers. We are still clueless as to the whereabouts of Betty, and probably always will be. But deep down, I hope he’s out there somewhere, living a bunny rabbit’s dream.


2 responses to “Beautiful Betty

  1. oh…my…goodness…
    Betty is the cutest bunny in the WORLD!!!!!!!! I had seven bunnies turned Rabbits when I was little. We basically had a farm in our backyard. It was so much fun. I completely forgot how cute furry bunnies can be. I love Beautiful Betty!

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