A star as bright as Sirius

A beautiful Labrador cross available for adoption at the Sirius Dog Sanctuary

The story of Carlos:

Carlos was found weak, undernourished and dumped in a neighbourhood area, left to die in a plastic bag and discovered by a neighbour some days later. Yes he’s incredibly cute, so gets a lot of attention from whoever lays their eyes on him, but he was also frighteningly close to death, due to the arrogance and indignity of some cruel individuals.

This is just one of hundreds of real-life stories that the Sirius Dog Sanctuary, and other sanctuaries like it, has to deal with on a regular basis.

The Sirius Dog Sanctuary is a wonderful, heartwarming place, but it’s also incredibly upsetting to see the hundreds of dogs that have been beaten, abandoned and left to starve by hunters who are not satisfied with the dog’s hunting skills, or simply found wondering the streets in search of food. Thanks to the amazing help of local volunteers, the dogs get as much love and attention as can possibly be given, but due to the heavy influx of dogs on a weekly basis, it can never be enough, and they are always desperately in need of help, donations, adopters and support. The conditions are not perfect but the volunteers are doing their best, and they are currently raising money to build their own site, as the government is urging them to shut down on the grounds that they are operating on illegal property. In addition, the rent paid by the Sanctuary is sky-high, so the Sanctuary is struggling on a monthly basis with the upkeep, the vetinary bills and the daily care of the dogs.

Dogs are kicked, beaten and tortured every day, all because they do not live up to the expectations of the owner. Despite public awareness, this is something that is happening every single day. Without the compassion and support of the dedicated volunteers, these innocent creatures would be left to further suffer in pain and silence.

Please, please visit http://www.siriusdogsanctuary.com for more information. Obviously, you don’t have to adopt a dog (although there are adoptees from all over the world; apparently Sirius frequently send adopted dogs to Germany). But anything you can offer is obviously a massive help. If you have a spare hour or so, why not take a drive down to the sanctuary and enjoy a walk around the grounds with one of the dogs? Any contributions would be welcomed with open arms, including old toys, blankets or food. Sirius Dog Sanctuary certainly opened my eyes today; please spare anything you can offer for these mistreated, innocent animals.

Despite the fact that ultimately we didn’t adopt Carlos or any other puppy as adorable him, like all the other dogs and puppies at the Sirius Dog Sanctuary, I know that Carlos is now in excellent hands.


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