I heart weekends

My biggest pleasure on a Saturday morning is heavy, uninterrupted sleep and a huge lie-in, followed by a big mug of coffee and a late breakfast – a welcome break from the weekly Monday – Friday grind of early alarm awakenings. Which is why this morning, after a very long and laborious week at work (coupled with enough late nights), I was looking forward to my weekend fix of catch-up sleep.

Unfortunately my plan failed me with revolutionary triumph, as I was frustratingly awoken at 7am by excitable children playing in the street. Coupled with my inability to suppress my thoughts from wandering at this ungodly hour, I began to mentally check through my to-do list of tasks for the weekend ahead.

Firstly, the standard list of chores of any given weekend – Hoover, iron, clean bathrooms, tidy house (edited version) – seems to be seeping into my daily life as it is. Aside from these chores, there are always the other errands that can only be carried out on a Saturday in this country – when places are actually open (try getting anything done in your lunchbreak, when most places close from 1 – 4). Saying that, I am secretly grateful that everything shuts on a Sunday…

I guess I was also a little apprehensive about our upcoming visit to the Sirius Dog sanctuary today (post on its way), which my husband, George, has been reminding me about all week in numerous emails, texts and general pleas.

I know exactly what’s going to happen. I will see an adorable puppy who was rescued from a cruel, nasty owner and desperately needs a loving home. He will look at me pleadingly with his big puppy eyes (and the dog) and before I know it, the puppy will be on the back seat of the car, on its way to our to our house, oblivious to the fact that we are already trying to take care of an adopted stray cat and two bunnies. Excluding their future babies.

Wish me luck…

Oh yeah and better luck tomorrow morning with the lie-in!


One response to “I heart weekends

  1. Hope you’re not planning having kids then as your weekends will be no more!!! i fondly remember lie-ins.. x

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