Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul

Thank God for Body Balance classes.

Before I arrive, I’m usually a nervous wreck, feeling stressed, anxious and a little frustrated – especially after a long week at work. One hour later and I generally emerge feeling like a fully fledged butterfly – confident, calm and collected. The premise of Body Balance is exactly that – to balance the body, mind and spirit. Trust me it’s no easy task. With the limitless chores that need doing, the food that needs cooking and the long days at work, it’s easy to forget the fundamental basics of the class during your day-to-day life: to find your breath, focus on it and centre yourself. But the breath gets so easily forgotten when you’re stuck in a traffic jam on an empty stomach and nothing seems to be going the right way…

Finding your breath – composing yourself, acknowledging every breath and centring the body and mind, is so much more difficult than it sounds. When achieved, however, it injects a sense of reality into the mind and gently brings you back to the given moment. I wish I could maintain a constant awareness of this (and trust me, I’m working on it).  But the classes are definitely helping. Body Balance doesn’t just achieve a sense of balance and awareness, however. The blend of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates also increases your flexibility and strength, as well as reducing tiredness and thus giving you more energy throughout the day. Further still, you will even start to notice the benefits of this after only 2 – 3 classes.

I absolutely love Body Balance classes and would feel so lost without them. In fact, the main reason why I started was because I was finding the process of organising my wedding such a stressful experience that I needed a weekly escape and a breath of fresh air, to knock me back into reality and put things into perspective. And I haven’t given up since. I’m addicted to Body Balance and our incredible teacher, Maria, is so energised, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does that you can’t help but push yourself that little bit harder every time.

I’m craving next week’s Body Balance fix already!


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