A Given Day

Weekends in Cyprus are wonderful. Provided you have fulfilled your quota of traditional Cypriot events (attend a christening/engagement party/wedding/children’s birthday party and/or other enthralling occasion – check), the rest of the time is all yours to relish and enjoy.

On a given day, take a drive to a secluded beach and while away your time listening to the waves crashing against the shore as you soak up a good book or magazine. Cyprus’ location means that you are pretty much guaranteed relentless sunshine throughout most of the year, even in the middle of winter. And although the temperature has dropped, it’s nothing dramatic and is actually a refreshing break from the harsh heat of the summer.

Other than this, take a drive to the mountains to experience some really cold conditions. Temperatures have been known to reach even as low as -10c on a particularly cold winter’s day. A visit to the mountains is an amazing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and the views from up there are absolutely breathtaking. This is a particularly popular pastime in the midst of the summer, as it’s a great escape from the unyielding, sweltering heat of the sun.

Cyprus is a wonderful place. The lifestyle is fun and laidback, the weather is delicious and you will always find something to do. Aside from the (not so unbearable) negatives, you can create a very peaceful niche for yourself out here, coupled with the right attitude and decent company. If you like the carefree way of life, this is the place for you. If you see a shop you like the look of, park in the nearest available ‘space’ and voila – it’s all yours for as long as you like and nobody will even bat an eyelid (word of advice, do not park anywhere near a loading bay unless you want your car destroyed – I’ve seen this happen far too many times to mention and people just never seem to learn from this mistake). The other issue is whether or not the ‘OPEN’ sign on the shop door is inadvertently misleading you. It’s highly unlikely that every ‘OPEN’ sign in Cyprus is actually fulfilling its obligations… A word of warning, however. If you need something doing ASAP, learn to cultivate patience as it could take a while… Oh and always check the opening hours!

Captivated by the chicken's in our grandmother's village



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