Little Plates – A hidden treasure of Limassol

One of the adorned walls of Little Plates

Tucked away behind a bustling Limassol main road, ‘Ta Piatakia’, or ‘Little Plates’, is such a wonderful discovery that I can’t help but feel disappointed that we hadn’t stumbled upon it any sooner.

The instant you walk in your eyes are immediately lifted towards the magnificent lighting above, which is an enormous and intricate delight to the eyes. The main wall is adorned with gorgeous plates of various colours and sizes, whilst the opposite wall is filled with framed articles depicting the international success and popularity of ‘Little Plates’.

Warmly welcomed by all of the staff, it feels more like a laid-back dinner at your best friend’s house than a formal restaurant. Nonetheless the hospitality, the decor, and of course the food, are all second to none. You really do feel as if you’ve entered Aladdin’s culinary cave.

In addition, the creative brains behind Little Plates, Roddy Damalis, is constantly bustling about, greeting his beloved guests and really making them feel at home. All this whilst rushing about to ensure everything is running smoothly.  It’s refreshing to see a successful restauranteur pouring his blood and guts into his business, 7 days a week.

I love all the small details about Little Plates. The soft lighting creates a relaxed, homely atmosphere that invites you to stay for hours sampling the gorgeous dishes.

My favourite dish of the night was definitely the highly popular feta filled Parcel drizzled with honey. The combination of ingredients served at the perfect temperature made it absolutely delicious and I’m definitely craving some more already. The chocolate and caramel cheesecake was truly melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness, but I was so full up by this point from all of the wonderful dishes that we’d tried, I struggled to finish it all.

‘Ta Piatakia’ truly is plate after plate of delightful, delicate dishes, inspired by Greek tradition with a modern twist of ingredients. This restaurant is a definite must for anyone looking to spoil themselves with something different, in a setting that feels just like home.

Also, if you’re tempted to buy the book and sample some of the dishes for yourself, Roddy is more than happy to sign it for you – that’s mum’s birthday present sorted then!


2 responses to “Little Plates – A hidden treasure of Limassol

  1. have you been to Sylvana’s?

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