Jumbo fancy

When you ask most people in Cyprus about their impressions of Jumbo, the majority will answer that it’s nothing less than an oversized children’s store filled with games and toys and screaming children. That may be true to some extent (especially the latter), but this is a massive underestimation of what Jumbo has to offer. We all know that Cyprus is incredibly expensive, especially when it comes to home essentials and the latest fashions (if you choose to follow such things). But, particularly for home essentials, Jumbo couldn’t be further from this, and I have to say that I was very impressed when I walked away with three big bags full of items, all for under 50EUR.

Okay, so you’re not going to find any arty canvasses or ornate vases, but bearing in mind the finite selection of places to buy value-for-money homewear throughout Cyprus, I’d say that Jumbo is an excellent first stop for home décor on a budget.

Imagination is key and it’s important that you combine key items with Jumbo goods. For example, my dark wooden coffee table is adorned with a gorgeous, modern goldfish bowl (8.99Eur, Jumbo), surrounded by acorns that I collected in the mountains and sprayed with gold. I saw a similar glass bowl in Debenhams only recently for 24.99Eur, and that’s before you’ve even added any candles. The plush, oriental style cushions (4.99Eur each) look more like they’re from an expensive department store than Jumbo, and people are always pleasantly surprised when I say where they’re from. Jumbo is also great if, like me, you like to be a little bit creative with your spare time, and it really is important to be both patient and creative when it comes to buying things from Jumbo.

A word of warning for the faint hearted. The majority of aisles are filled with tacky goods, so you do have to be patient and take your time rooting through all the stuff (which can be difficult when you’ve got children and adults alike ramming into you with their trolleys and acting as if Jumbo is having a closing down sale).

Don’t let this put you off taking a visit though (not recommended on weekends or special occasions). Be sure to take your iPod along and while away your time browsing through the aisles. The quirky sweets and toys on offer near each checkout make for fabulous gifts or decorations around the home. Be brave, be patient, and you may just find that special something, at an excellent price.


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